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Nenad Bach International Newsletter No. 59: Winter 2024 



March 3, 2024


Dear All,

After more than 2.5 years or 30 months I am finally putting the 59th newsletter together with my dear friend and editor Marko Puljic. Unfortunately I lost my domain nenadbach(dot)com due to my negligence so that the address that you have been receiving this newsletter will be different and I hope that your mailbox will not reject it immediately.

In any case, so many memories and desires have happened in the meantime, I think that the best thing is to just continue and see…

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Nenad Bach International Newsletter No. 57: Peace Maker 


September 18, 2020

Protecting the existence of all species, sustaining life on Earth, exploring outer space, tackling disease and mortality, solving the pollution problem, coexisting with the environment, electing more women to leadership positions and creating real freedom that includes true private property: world peace is a prerequisite for all of these objectives.

You can read the full article as it appears online in the UN Chronicle here.

You can listen to the full article here: https://nenadb

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Nenad Bach International Newsletter No. 56: Post COVID? 

My favorite artist, Ignasi Blanch Gisbert


August 24, 2020


Virtual Coffee Break with The Michael J. Fox Foundation | Thursday, August 27th at 10:00am EDT (New York)

Registration Link -

The program includes a 30-minute research update, a cameo by Nenad Bach and PingPongParkinson followed by an interactive Q&A portion with other members of your  community.  


"Nenad, Who Plays Ping Pong" is a short film about my passion for ping pong…

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Nenad Bach International Newsletter No. 55: Livestream 


Graphic design by Paul Enso Hillman. The red dot represents where we are NOW.


April 23, 2020

Quo Vadis Humanity?

Are you aware that you live in a historical time that has never existed before? Yes pandemics happened before but we didn't have means to communicate like now. Twitter and Fake News go around the world in 1 second. New York City, my town that Never Sleeps, is sleeping now and at the same time Humanity is talking in real time, communicating, sharing info, medical equipment,…

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Nenad Bach International Newsletter No. 54: Searching for Boredom 

Searching for Boredom

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Live installation of World Peace in One Hour at Magazzino Italian Art Foundation in Cold Springs, New York. Photo by Eleanor Kwei.


December 31, 2019


Triumphant 2019 ITTF Parkinson's World Table Tennis Championships.


Thank you to our sponsors ITTF Foundation, Stag, Acorda Therapeutics, Butterfly, Delmonico's Distribution Restaurant, Boston Scientific, World Peace in One Hour, Westchester Table Tennis Center, Stanko Barle, KenKen, #Triumph…

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Nenad Bach International Newsletter No. 53: World Championships - Trip Around the World 

The 2019 ITTF Parkinson's Table Tennis Championships will be held on October 11-13, 2019. The Final entry date is September 10 2019.  Play for history! Over 50 players from 12 countries and 4 continents so far. If you know anyone with Parkinson's who plays ping pong, then encourage them to register! Also, I'm excited to share with you the official anthem of the Championships - I love Ping Pong. You can listen to the song by clicking the image above or by clicking here:

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Nenad Bach International Newsletter No. 52: The Start of a New Year 

A collaboration of two universes, two artists, two cities: New York and Paris, Jean Philippe Joly and Nenad Bach. Result: World Peace in One Hour Glasses. They are not available in stores. Email: if you are interested. Limited edition.


February 22, 2019


Dear All,

The year 2018 was a productive and exciting year and 2019 which just started looks like even more exciting... and I hope as productive as well. Focus WORLD PEACE, promoting my idea of World Peace In One Hour through…

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Nenad Bach International Newsletter No. 51: The Time is Now 

At the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden.

June 1, 2018


Dear All,

Life is busy and exciting, only the time is missing, yet Time is all we have.

Thank you all who contributed to the World Peace in One Hour campaign. If you wish to contribute, the time is now!

We hope that the last 36 hours will bring more of you on the board. In any case, every project that I start, I finish and so it will be with this one as well, only it is much easier with your support. It is a humbling and…

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Nenad Bach International Newsletter No.49-50: World Peace in One Hour 


April 9, 2018

I'm excited to announce that the crowdfunding campaign launched on Indiegogo for my "World Peace in One Hour Album". There are 2 ways that you can help...either by contributing even a small amount to raise our popularity and give us more visibility on the site or by posting to your Facebook page or other social media account. In the end, the more people hear about us, the more likely we will reach our goal. Check out the link here projects/world-peace-in-one-

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