From the recording All I Want Is Freedom

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For all that you lost
And all that you won
All that you fought for
Is already gone

For all of your care
Was more than your share
It’s coming together and
Staying forever

Whenever you feel
There’s nothing you could do
You’ve already done it
But nobody knew.

Whenever despair
Leans at your door
Just keep it knocking.
Cause nobody’s home.

All I want is freedom. All I want is laughter
Caring for another. Caring for the world
Caring for your father. Caring for your mother
Caring for your country. Take it back again. Freedom.

For all that we fear
Good, bad or real
Some wounds never bleed
And some never heal.

For all that I miss
Was more than a kiss
It’s coming together
Staying forever.

All I want is freedom…

Music and Lyrics by Nenad Bach © 2009 Nenad Bach Music Ltd. BMI