World Peace in One Hour

Ware Center, 42 N. Prince Street , Lancaster, PA 17603

"World Peace in One Hour" | The King Street Big Band teams with composer/activist Nenad Bach to present an evocative and lucid message that is substantive and unafraid to deliver beauty, heart, and soul. The New York Times called Nenad, "a cross between Lou Reed and Elton John," but his fans think of him as "Croatian John Lennon." This collaboration to work together on an unusual big band album began in February 2017 when Nenad heard the band perform in Lancaster. This concert is the kick off of this unique project. Discounts apply.

This “collaborative community concert” uses the theme of world peace as imagined through Croatian-born New Yorker Nenad Bach, a recording artist, composer and performer whose evocative and lucid message is substantive and unafraid to deliver beauty, heart, and soul. KSBB’s founder and director Kate Umble Smucker met Bach in November 2017 and they were inspired to work together on a recording project. "World Peace in One Hour" weaves the themes “Breaking the Cycle,” “Extending the Table,” and “Strengthening Community Relationships,” with presentations from several local organizations including Mom’s House, Church World Services, Lancaster County Council of Churches, Lancaster Transplant, Friendship Heart Gallery, as well as Lancaster County’s Office of the District Attorney. Joining KSBB and Bach are the local Chromatic Expression Choir and back up singers assembled and arranged by local singer-producer Reji Woods.